Salvadore "Tutti" Camarata played trumpet with Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman. In the mid fifties Walt Disney hired him to form a record label and act as music director and producer. He was the leader of Tutti's Trumpets released "Toot Sweet" (Anka) as a B side on the Disney label Buena Vista.Tutti was working for Disney and asked Payl Anka to write tunes for Annette's first album.

In 1959 Annette (Funicello) released "Is It Really Love" (Anka) which was based on the Paul Anka instrumental tune "Toot Sweet". Annette issued an entire album titled "Annette Sings Anka" where you can find this track.

In 1962 Paul Anka tweaked the tune again for "Johnny's Theme" (Anka - Carson). Johnny added a drum solo at the beginning plus a lyric that was never used. It's been said that Paul Anka received a few hundred dollars every time the tune was aired. This totalled over a million dollars while the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was on the air. Here's Carl "Doc" Severinsen and the Tonight Show Orchestra with "The Tonight Show Theme" in it's entirety.