I LOVE THIS SONG! "Everlasting Love" is one of the few songs to be a top forty hit in the sixties (Robert Knight), seventies (Carl Carlton), eighties (the Rex Smith and Rachel Sweet duet hit number thirty-two) and nineties (Gloria Estefan reached twenty-seven). Co-composed by Buzz Cason we start with a live version by this writer.

Produced by the composers as a B side, "Everlasting Love" (Buss Cason - Mac Gayden) hit originally for Robert Knight in 1967 peaking at the number thirteen position pop and fourteen on the R&B charts. You'll find a video of Robert singing the tune on YouTube after an introduction by Buzz Cason. In the comments section there is a reference to the fact that Robert Knight was also in the teaching profession.

The most successful version was the showman "Little" Carl Carlton cover in 1974 when "Everlasting Love" hit number seven, Brenda Russell sings backup on this disco style release.

Singer, actor Rex Smith and Rachel Sweet peaked in the top thirty in 1981 with "Everlasting Love". Rex hit earlier with "You Take My Breath Away" while Rachel was a child star touring with Mickey Rooney at the age of six and opening for Bill Cosby when she was twelve.

Gloria Estefan's (Garcia) cover of "Everlasting Love" peaked at twenty-seven in 1995. This was a track on the earlier album "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me".