Billy Edd Wheeler borrowed much of "The Lonesome Valley" (A.P. Cater) for "The Reverend Mr. Black" (Billy Edd Wheeler - Mike Stoller - Jerry Leiber) in 1963.

The Kingston Trio (Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds and John Stewart) cover features Glen Campbell on six-string banjo. The single hit number eight on the Top One Hundred and comes from the 1963 album "The Kingston Trio #16". Legend says that a high school English teacher in Chicago was trying to instruct a class in the ways in which small groups could manipulate mass media, so he had his 95 students pick what they deemed as the worst and most obscure cut from a record album that they could find and try to promote it into an attention-getting hit. The students chose this song from the respectably-selling 1963 album #16 and immediately began flooding Chicago station WLS with calls requesting that the station play the number. At the insistence of WLS Capitol released the single.