Britain's David Whitfield hit with "Cara Mia" (Lee Lange - Tulio Trapani) backed by the (Annunzio) Mantovani Orchestra in 1954 and reached the top ten on Billboard. Composer Lee Lange was in reality David Whitfield's producer Bunny Lewis and Tulio Trapani was really Mantovani.

From the album "Blockbusters" the Jay & the Americans cover peaked at number four in 1965. The "Jay" this time was David Blatt aka Jay Black. In "Songfacts" original group member Kenny Vance explains: "When Jay Traynor left the group, Jay Black came over to one of the guys' houses. He was selling shoes for Thom McAn making $60 a week, and he drove up with an old car, with a rope holding the hood down, and he came in the house and he had that song in mind, because I think he thought that the original guy that did that was David Whitfield, and he sang it on the Ed Sullivan Show. That version, there's a bridge to it, there's a whole kind of different feeling to it. Like in a Johnny Cash movie, because we only knew three or four chords ourselves, those are the four chords we played to it, and it became a rock and roll song. We left out the bridge because we couldn't play it. And that was it, he loved the song. We would do it in our show for many years, and then finally I think in '65 when our contract was sold to United Artists, they decided to record it, and it became a smash."