This tune titled "Tell Me Why" is not to be confused with the Four Aces or Eddie Fisher hit in 1951 or the Bobby Vinton version in 1964 or the Beatles song from the same year. It's not to be confused with the Genesis tune from 1993 or the Wynonna country hit the same year.
One of the few interracial groups at the time, high school friends Norman Fox & the Rob-Roys (Robert Thierer, Marshall Helfand, Bob Trotman and Andre Lilly) hit with "Tell Me Why" (Marshall "Buzzy" Helfand) in 1957.

After Dion DiMucci left the group, The Belmonts (Fred Milano, Carlo Mastrangelo and Angelo D'Aleo) charted their cover of "Tell me Why" (Helford - Carter) into the top twenty in 1961.