The Clovers (John Bailey, Harold Lucas, Billy Mitchell, Matthew McQuater and Harold Winley) "Devil or Angel" (Blanch Carter) was issued in1955 and peaked at number three on the R&B chart.

In 1960 "Devil or Angel" was just one of Bobby Vee's (Velline) dozens of chart hits, this one peaking at number six on the Billboard top one hundred. Wikipedia: In his autobiography, Chronicles, Volume One, Bob Dylan makes special mention of Vee and shares significant and complimentary details about their friendship, both professional and personal. In a concert at Midway Stadium in St. Paul on July 10, 2013, Dylan said he had been on the stage with many stars but that none of them were as meaningful as Bobby Vee. He said Bobby Vee was in the audience and then Dylan then played Bobby Vee's hit "Suzie Baby" with emotion. From a concert audio recording, Dylan said, "Thank you everyone, thank you friends. I left here a while back, and since that time, I've played all over the world, with all kinds of people. And uh, everybody from Mick Jagger to Madonna. And uh, everybody in there in between. I've been on the stage with most of those people. But the most meaningful person I've ever been on the stage with, was a man who is here tonight, who used to sing a song called "Suzie Baby". I want to say that Bobby Vee is actually here tonight. Maybe you can show your appreciation with just a round of applause."