Musicologist Alan Lomax found the 1939 record with Zulu musician Solomon Linda's (Ntsele) Original Evening Birds (Gilbert Madondo, Boy Sibiya, Gideon Mkhize, Owen Sikhakhane and Samuel Mlangeni) "M'Bube".

Mr. Lomax gave the vinyl to Pete Seeger of the Weavers (Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert, Lee Hays and Fred Hellerman) who heard the title as "Wimoweh". In 1952 the group and the Gordon Jenkins Orchestra hit the top twenty.

Hugo and Luigi produced the multi-talented Tokens (Jay Siegal, Hank Medress, Phil and Mitch Margo) "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with the new title and lyrics by George Weiss. This topped the charts for weeks in 1961. Neil Sedaka was a member of the group before fame found him and/or The Tokens. This was my favourite 45 disc for the longest time and drove all around me insane with the amount of time I played it on the console stereo. Yes I know that lions do not sleep in the jungle!