After having written lyrics for standards like "Tico, Tico", I Believe", "Al, Di La", "Quando, Quando" and "Perdido", in 1961 Ervin Druckman composed "It Was a Very Good Year" (Ervin Drake) specifically for Bob Shane of the Kingston Trio and it appears on that year's album "Goin' Places". It was also Bob Shane who recorded the original version of "Honey" (also in this blog).

Nancy's father, Frank Sinatra, was the Grammy award winner for best vocal performance with his cover in 1966. This same record won Gordon Jenkins the Grammy for best instrumental arrangement accompanying vocalists. While at Decca records it was Gordon Jenkins who signed The Weavers. This was the chairman of the board's first number one single on the Easy Listening chart and it hit the top thirty on the pop chart. You can find "It Was a Very Good Year" on the album "September of My Years".