Alex Harvey "Rings" (Alex Harvey - Eddie Reeves). According to "Songfacts" and co-composer Eddie Reeves they wrote this in honor of their friends Bob and Chris Hamilton. "We wrote the song as a special present for them about a month before their wedding. All references in the song are related to their relationship. Alex and I never thought it could be a hit song because it was so specifically about Bob and Chris. I was renting Bob's beach house while he and Chris were living in NYC for a year or two. Alex and I sang the song at their rehearsal dinner at the Marina Del Rey Hotel the night before the wedding and then sang it several more times on their wedding day. The wedding took place at 6:00 a.m. on the beach in front of the beach house on Driftwood & Ocean Front Walk. That's why the song says, "the sun comes up across the city." We knew their wedding would be on the beach at sunrise before we wrote the song. The beach house is now a condo building."

Why they didn't have more hits is beyond me but this was their one hit. Cymarron (Rick Yancey, Sherrill Parks and Richard Mainegra) reached the top twenty in 1971.