The talented Gilbert Becaud gave us "Le Jour ou la Pluie Viendra" among so many other great songs. The tune was released as a B side in 1957 but the next year it became a European smash that was to become his first foreign success with English lyrics by Carl Sigman.

American Jane Morgan (Florence Currier) was taught French by her mother and found success in France first before the rest of the world. This tune reflects that statement. After Juilliard her goal was to become an opera singer. During the evenings she performed in nightclubs and was heard by Art Mooney who changed her name and hired her. Four years later a prominent French society bandleader took her to Paris where she starred on television and landed a recording contract. Kapp Records released "The Day The Rains Came" with the English version on one side and French on the other. In 1958 it topped the U.K. charts and number 21 in the U.S. Jane was once married to and managed by Jerry Weintraub who also managed The Four Seasons, John Denver. Jerry Weintraub also produced the movies: Nashville, Oh God, Diner, The Karate Kid, Oceans 12 and 13! (wikipedia)