Mike Lazo, Gene Schacter and someone named Bobby Vinton were members of the Hilites trio in 1954 when the draft broke up the group. In 1957 two of the three formed The Tempos (Mike Lazo, Jim Drake, Tom Minito and Gene Schachter). "See You In September" (Wayne - Edwards) was issued in 1959 and hit the top thirty. According to Wikipedia the song was composed on Friday, recorded Saturday and the record was cut the following Monday then released and on NYC radio the next Friday. One week from inception to being on the air!

Produced by the legendary Bob Crewe for the Tokens' B.T. Puppy label, The Happenings' (Bob Miranda, Tom Giuliano, Dave Libert and Ralph DiVito) million seller got into the top five 1966. You'll find "See You In September" on their album "The Happenings".