Pino Donaggio opened for Paul Anka during the star's 1960 Italian tour and the classically trained artist then started to focus on popular music. Pino recorded "Io Che Non Vivo (senza te)" (Donaggio - Pallavicini - Miller) translated as "I Who Can't Live (Without You)" and sang the song at the 1965 San Remo Music Festival. It was the same Pino Donaggio was scored the films "Carrie", "Dressed to Kill" and "Blow Out". The composer "Miller" is Capitol recording artist Jody Miller.

Dusty Springfield (Catherine O'Brien) of the trio "The Springfields" had been in the audience to hear the song and a year later recorded the English cover with lyrics supplied by Wickham and Napier-Bell. "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" hit the top five.