James Darren (James Ercolani) hit it big with a few novelty tunes like "Goodbye Cruel World", "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" and "Her Royal Majesty" but he proved more than that when he recorded great ballads including "Didn't We" (Jimmy Webb). The song got to the easy listening top forty in 1967. You can see James as an actor on "The Time Tunnel", "T.J. Hooker" and on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" as singer Vic Fontayne. It's said that James took his stage name from the Kaiser Darrin sports car of the fifties.

Irishman and gifted actor Richard Harris recorded his debut album "A Tramp Shining" in 1968. That vinyl contained "MacArthur Park" and "Didn't We". The album was written, arranged and produced by Jimmy Webb featuring members of "The Wrecking Crew". The single "Didn't We" made it onto Billboard's top forty in 1969.