Musician, actor (Moby Dick, Fire Down Below, King of Kings and The Vikings. The first black actor in the Royal Shakespeare Company) Edric Connor recorded the album "Songs From Jamaica" in 1952. On that l.p. was "Day Dah Light".

Irving Burgie aka Lord Burgess was responsible for the success of Harry Belafonte as a singer from almost the beginning of a great career.

"Day Dah Light" was rewritten by Irving Bergie and William Attaway as "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)" in 1955 and it's this version that was recorded by social activist Harry Belafonte in 1957. The song hit the top five and established a career for Mr. Belafonte. As an unknown jazz singer in the forties he was backed by the likes of Miles Davis and Charlie Parker. Harry Belafonte studied acting alongside Marlon Brando, Walter Matthau and Rod Steiger. The result was appearances in Carmen Jones, Buck and the Preacher, Uptown Saturday Night and White Man's Burden. It was his idea that led to the song "We Are the World".