Dick and Don, The Addrisi Brothers" wrote one of the most played songs in history but they didn't release "Never My Love" themselves until 1977.

In the first year of release almost twenty artists had recorded versions. The tune hit for the Fifth Dimension (Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr, Florence LaRue, Ron Townson and Lamonte McLemore) featuring vocals by Marilyn McCoo from their "Live" album in 1971 when it reached number twelve.

Scandinavia's Blue Swede (Bjorn Skifs and a back-up band) got into the top ten with "Never My Love" from their 1974 album "Hooked On a Feeling".

The first recording and biggest hit was by The Association (Jim Yester, Terry Kirkman, Ted Bluechel, Riss Giguere, Brian Cole and Larry Ramos) who hit number one on Billboard with "Never My Love" from the album "Insight Out" in 1967.