In 1968 Dan Daniels was the first to record the Lieber-Stoller classic "Is That All There Is". The promotional release was pulled after the composers objected to the recording. Dandy Dan was a disc jockey in NYC and that can be heard in this recording. (thanks Peter Stoller).
Billboard noted it's EPIC release in March, 1968, but it was withdrawn soon afterwards. Leslie Uggams was the first authorized to record it, but it was only ever released as an album cut. (Thanks Fred Clemens).

The "singing beauty mark", Peggy Lee, came within inches of the top ten in 1969 with her authentic version of "Is That All There Is". It won her a Grammy. When Barbra Streisand heard the tune she asked why Lieber and Stoller didn't send it to her first. They had and her management came back with a flat "no"! (Thanks Peter)