Johnny Burnette, brother Dorsey and Paul Burlison (The Sun Rhythm Section) formed the Rock and Roll Trio and won the Ted Mack Amateur Hour.

The first demo for "You're Sixteen" was recorded by Dorsey Burnette in mid 1960.

The second demo was made by Dorsey's brother Johnny Burnette, father to Rocky Burnette at approximately the same time, perhaps even the same recording session.

Years after the trio went separate ways Johnny ended up at Liberty Records with producer Snuff Garrett. In 1960 his version of the Sherman Brother's (composers of many Disney classics) "You're Sixteen" reached the top ten with The Cricket's Jerry Allison on drums and Ernie Freeman on piano. Johnny died in a boating accident in 1964.

A decade later, in 1974, Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) included "You're Sixteen" (Paul McCartney making kazoo sound, some say Harry Nilsson on background vocals) on the album "Ringo" and it went to the top of the charts.