When you want a girlfriend, sometimes it's better to take things slow and have the mindset of seeing how things work out between the two of you in the long run. Thinking of getting in a long-term relationship with some right on the onset may have detrimental effect.
Some girls don't really like it when some guy pressure her into settling down with him.

You have to take the time to get to know them and let her make up her mind about you. Knowing how to attract women really helps with this.

This will avoid the trouble of making her stuck or pressured because you'll be able to fascinate her and you'll have a good foundation for your relationship.

You can also make her feel safe if you don't rush things. Take your time to really get to know her before you think of her as your girlfriend.

So be sure to date different women so you can find the best girl for you.

But there's some good news. You see most women are usually open for long-term relationships. Though they like to keep their options open as well, you have to prove to her you're a great guy.

Sometimes it's also better keep quiet about your desire for a long-term relationship. If a girl expresses that she wants to be your girlfriend and wants to get into a committed relationship, then you're fine to answer her needs and tell her you want the same.

If you've been dating her for a few months and you do have a feeling she badly wants it, or has been giving you hints, she is probably just waiting for you to say it. If that is the case, you can tell her you want to be exclusive to each other.

So if you know a way to keep her interested and attracted to you along the way, you certainly will make it before you even THINK of her as your girlfriend.