So, I heard Kaiden was going to be on the east coast during the month of July and I put in for vacation on the last full week of the month.  Of course, I then received a call to say that would be the only week he wasn't available.  I quickly put in a plea with the human resourse person to have my week changed and although they were willing the only time available was for this week.

Probably wishful thinking on my part, but I really hoped I would be able to visit in NY the first part of the week and then with Kaiden and James the last part of the week.  Unfortunately, James informed me that Jason and family would be visiting some friends in RI for that weekend and wouldn't be home:(

Gratefully, I am going to have Kaiden all day on Thursday and Friday and possibly on Saturday.  Should be lots of photo ops!  I need to make some plans for our time together... suggestions are welcome :)