I was sent the following this morning, but in spite of its optimistic tone, note that the more important thing is that it includes a link to fliers to distribute against the next vote, as the bill isn't dead yet. So, in any case, here's the email I was sent...

Dear Group,

Thank you for all your efforts in trying to stop s.2913/hr.5889.

We had great success; we stopped the bill (hr5889/s.2913) from passing in this session in Congress. It seems unlikely but there maybe one more short session of Congress that we have to be careful about before the end of the year. Good work! It's actually a great political victory because there is a lot of Congressional support for this bill to pass. Thank you for your activism, calls, and letters.

Sorry for so many e-mails on Friday but there were a few critical moments and we needed everyone to call and write.

We are trying to prepare for next year and increase our numbers so PLEASE DISTRIBUTE OUR PROTECT FREE SPEECH FLIERS at schools, galleries, museums, openings, and music events.

The fliers can be downloaded at this link:


Thank you.


A Million People Against the Orphan Works Bill