Well, Volny shut down my whole account today, and I have no idea why.  They didn't give any explanation, they just did it, so my personal website has been moved to Tripod, but on the same URL as before.  The site now doesn't look so great with all the ads on it, so I'm going to try again to relocate or redesign it.  We'll have to see about all of that.  In any case, I've uploaded a number of new photos to Flickr and iPernity in the past few days, continuing with my travel photos from last summer.  I hope everyone likes them.  :-)  They include shots that I took in Litomysl, Kladruby, Lipnice, and Plzen with my Ikoflex, which got a lot of people's attention.  Nobody else had a comparable camera, in spite of mine being 70-some-odd years old with the paint coming off.  Such is the obsession with digital.  I got 50mp for $100, they got 10mp for over $1000.  Does that make sense???  Anyway, I hope you like my latest photos.  :-)