Well...as has often been the case lately, I don't have much in the way of news, but enough has happened that I should at least write an update.  First of all, on the positive side, one of my photos on Flickr:


made the Explore page on Flickr.  Since is only the second time this has happened, I'm still quite happy about it even though its bounced on and off Explore erratically this week. 
    On the negative side, though, I have to apologize for uploading so little for you to look at lately.  I've been very busy with work, travel, and 3D modelling (some screenshots will hopefully be uploaded soon when I have something worth looking at), so my work with photography has been stalling badly.  I still haven't uploaded the shots I wanted to exhibit from last summer!!!  They're on the way, though, and some were just uploaded minutes ago, being from early Spring before I took the Czech course at UJOP, with all of its associated travel to Litomysl, Lipnice, Plzen, and related places.  I'll get back to my travel shots in a few days. 
    Finally, another piece of negative news...and a warning.  It was brought o my attention a few days ago that Facebook do not recognize the intellectual property rights of photographers who post their work there, so I've taken all of my stuff down, as that's the one rule they claim to have, that their unlimited license to use your stuff is null and void on photos that you've taken down.  There's also been a protest group started here:


which I've joined.  All of you are invited, as anyone can join.  Long live iPernity, I guess, and in fairness Flickr is much better than Facebook in this regard, too.  Hopefully Facebook will address this issue, as overall, in spite of all the scandals, I do find their service to be in overall terms useful.