A very belated Happy New Year to everyone.  I have to apologize for my very-slow return to photography.  I've had a tremendous amount to do with my "real" job, i.e., the one that actually makes me money, as well as with my ongoing 3D modelling projects, of which I should have examples of on iPernity and DeviantArt soon.  I still have to update my own website, as it's still announcing my December video show, and I would do that right now except that I have so much to do!!!  I'll certainly get to it when I finally give you a look at my models, though, or maybe even sooner.  I also still haven't completed my gargantuan project for getting all my 2007 photos up!!!  Clearly, I have a lot to do, but I have to get back to work now, so again, Happy New Year to everyone and good luck in all that you do.