I've been editing and uploading new photos, or rather, photos from the summer, furiously since last report, and now I've got stuff up from my trips to Warsaw, Copenhagen, Fakse, Malmo, and Liberec, as well as some new Cercany and Prague stuff.  I'm trying to get as much of it onto Flickr and iPernity as possible before 2008, as after New Year's I'll have a massive amount of new photos on top of my current backlog.  It sort of astonishes me that I've shot this much material this year, especially when I consider that I'm only handpicking stuff suitable for public display....sort of.  A lot of it is just chatting about my travels in the form of the captions, but I like to think that I'm not uploading too much junk.  With that, I hope that you're all enjoying it, and Happy Boxing Day!  :-)