I managed to upload the latest black and whites and Lomos of Prague by Tuesday, but unfortunately I didn't get to writing this until today.  Part of the reason for this, I should say, was that it took me until yesterday to get all the uploads done to my various online galleries, which are now spread out over quite a few services.  To give an update on what I've been working on, I've been doing a marathon of film developing and scanning this week, and in a few hours I'll be picking up the last of my film literally for the year, unless I finish what's in the N80 right now in time to take it to the lab.  If I don't finish it within a week, I just won't have time with Christmas and all.
    I've been having trouble getting the 120 film from the Ikoflex scanned, so I expect it may be sidelined next to the Lomo for a month or two, in spite of having no technical issues on the scale of the Lomo.  I'll have to see.  Really this is my fault, as I know of a few places I could get the film scanned, but I was dumb and decided to take it to a lab whose services I hadn't used before, and they gave me dirty 3.2mp scans of what should have been crystal clear 50mp film.  Right....  I emailed them a complaint, but that was on Tuesday, and thus far I've recieved no reply.
    The next upload, when I do it, will include mostly archival stuff from Brno, Bratislava, Ceske Budejovice, and Pecka(y?).  Pecka, or Pecky, as some maps and so on say, is the location of a castle ruin that I visited in 2005.  I'm really baffled about the name, though, as I would expect the name to be the same on all maps, which suggests that maybe I'm confused.  Are there any Czechs who could clue me in?  Anyway, I hope that you continue to enjoy my work....and I'm out of things to say for today.