I've been fairly busy uploading stuff this week, although I've deliberately held back somewhat so that people can notice everything.  My most notable uploads have been from my 1998 trip on the Bernina Express on the Rhatische Bahn (Rhaetian Railway) from Pontresina to Tirano in Switzerland.  This was one of my most exciting rail trips ever, and yielded some of my best photos, or at least that's my opinion.  Reviews on the various scoring groups on Flickr have been good to very good, so I'm satisfied, I think.  I'll continue posting them to such groups for another week, I think, even as I upload some new stuff taken in Prague this past Spring.  The Prague material will be entirely new, whereas I must admit that my Bernina Express photos, posted to iPernity on my stream, as well as in my Alps, Rail Photos, and dedicated Bernina Express albums, have been posted before on Deviant Art and rrpicturearchives.net, among other places, in addition to being included in my first NRHS slide show back in January of 2000.  In any case, getting back to the Prague photos, they include some black and whites that I took in Cerny Most, as well as some Lomos taken mostly around Petriny, I.P. Pavlova, and Namesti Bratri Synku.  I hope that everyone enjoys them, and in the meantime (as I get around to uploading the Prague shots), please check out my Bernina Express shots if you haven't already.