Today concluded my uploads from my hiking trips earlier in the summer, and now before I get back to the chronology of events this summer I'm going to upload a few days' worth of archival stuff from December 1998-April 2007, which unfortunately won't start today (I have to sleep tonight), but which will probably begin tommorrow or the next day.  I don't think that this is an idle pursuit in light of my current backlog of new stuff, as the new stuff still hasn't been sorted through or edited to remove dust or improve contrast and so on, so this will buy me time to make sure that when the new stuff goes up, it will be genuinely ready.  In the meantime, you'll probably want to check out my Flickr and iPernity streams for my new photos from Sumava and Jezerske Hory (in Liberecky Kraj), although it would probably be best to look at one or the other as they're both the same this time.  If you feel inclined to fave a particular photo on both streams, however, please do!!  :-)