Reviewing what to upload next today, I discovered two things.  First of all, my Sumava photos were submitted out of chronological order, as the trip was Lipno-Sumava(the Plesne Jezero hike I mean)-Rozmberk-Austria, and now as of today, when I uploaded to forgotten Rozmberk photos, it's Lipno-Austria-Sumava-Rozmberk.  Oh well....I'm still pleased with how the photos came out, and with my first uploaded Prague photo in some time, the one of the statue in Loretanske Namesti (any info on this statue would be helpful, as I don't read Latin too well), I think I'm back in order again.  I hope you like everything.  The photos are now on Flickr, iPernity, and Facebook, and some of them are even on Deviant Art as of today!  :-)