It was a beautiful day in Gotham, a rare occurrence, one Dick wished wouldn't have happened today. Usually Dick loved days like today, but lately...lately he wished that it would just rain. He came to the familiar tombstone, just like he did every day, and fell to his knees. "Hi Dami," he greeted softly, trying to keep his voice strong. "Nothing’s changed since yesterday. Just same ole same ole." he shook his head and just stared at the ground in silence a few minutes. "Remember when you were my Robin," Dick started softly, his voice taking on a distant tone, as he remembered happier times with his little brother. "And that time the rope snapped and you fell. Remember what I said when i caught you, how i promised to never let you fall, to never leave you alone." He placed a hand on the tombstone. "I promised to always take care of you. To never leave you alone." He took a deep breath. "A-and i failed you. I broke my promise to you brother. That's all i seem to do. I promised to take care of Jason, to keep him safe, to be there when he need him. I broke that promise and he died by the hands of the Joker. I promised to be there for Tim, to listen to him when he needed to talk. Yet I broke that promise when I didn't try to stop him from leaving, didn't listen to his explanation that Bruce might still be alive, didn't try to explain further to him why i made you my Robin. Then there was you my baby brother. There were so many promises i made with you, to myself. Promises to keep you safe, to be there for you like i wasn't for my two other brothers. Then Bruce came back and i thought it best just to leave you two by yourself, if i just went back to Bludhaven that you and Bruce would be fine. I left you, something i promised to never do. I broke so many promises when i left you." he choked back a sob. "I wasn't there when you needed me most; i wasn't there to protect you. I broke my promise to you, a promise i swore to keep until my dying breath. I failed you." he began to sob and rocked back forth, wrapping his arms around himself. For a brief moment, he thought of of the last hug he gave his little brother. Damian somehow had slipped out of his grasp at the last second and Dick had ended up hugging himself. Damian had called him an idiot for hugging himself and Dick had retaliated by tackling Damian and giving him a big bear hug. He chuckled slightly, Damian had complained so much during that hug, but there was a small smile on his face whenever he thought Dick wasn't looking. He slowly stopped rocking and unwrapped his arms from around himself and place one on either side of the tombstone."If there is one promise I can keep, it is to never forget you, my brother, my Robin. We were the best. I'll never forget our time together. I promise you." He leaned his forehead against the cool stone and slowly traced the words Damian Wayne with his finger. "I love you little brother." he whispered softly. "That will never change, just like you being the best partner i ever had, the best Robin." his voiced wavered as tears began to trail down his face. He broke down and sobbed. He vaguely heard footsteps approach him, then stops several feet from him. Whoever it was just watched him quietly and after awhile, left without a word. Dick got up as the sun started to set. "It's time to go, Little D. Someone needs to keep the city safe." a small sigh escaped his lips. "It will never be the same without you." He ran his hand along the top of the tombstone gently and at the middle, moved his hand back and forth, remembering when he use to ruffle his brother's hair, just like this. "Until next time." he muttered softly and walked away from the graveyard. A robin landed on the tombstone and tweeted a few times and looked at Dick's retreating form curiously. Dick stopped in his tracks and tilted his head slightly to the side. "I love you too, Damian." he whispered softly. He continued on his way, never looking back once at the robin...his Robin.