Oh my tiny fool, look smart, show a lil wit
How can you be the guide if you never traveled the road

To learn about the truth you must adopt love as your guide
So now listen son and someday you too may be a father

All this feasting and sleeping, only made you fat and lazy
Alas today deprived and depraved you may learn something yet

Take-heart, it’s never too late to earn her shine
Greet love with your heart, and you may outshine the sun

Wash your hands off all the dust and copper
Take and tender love with a gilded touch today

Don’t sit and wait
Get out there, feel life
Touch the sun, and immerse in the sea

You’ll never know a thing if you only imagine how it feels
To know the fire; step into the flame
To know the water; bathe in the lake

Those who know her; see her only in clarity
No haze or fog to cloud their eyes
No doubts to rain on the parade

Braced by her love, you’ll never need nor ever want
In times of frolic or tragedy, no gain or loss
May ever wane the beauty

Oh dear Hafiz if you seek to reunite with the beloved
Be as dirt at the doorway to the wise, and speak from the heart.