Going against its own Rule allowing Public View of the gay life style as well as all other Life style's
showing all matter of Bare Breast male/female, open Butt, Penis and Vagina of all kinds and positions of Sexuality some thinking this is art but in reality the parts of the Human Body mostly use to rid the body of dirty Waste and Harmful Toxins.... I have no problem with the way God made us but I do have a problem with those who promote this as cool art and I have a problem with ipernity who allows this kind of Garbage to the Public at large, Children, Teens, and those who do not want to see even one of these Filthy Photo's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I've tried to contact ipernity by the monitor, as offensive and against ipernity's own rules and againsts Religious Beliefs but with no Response.... I can only think ipernity just does NOT CARE....

While encouraging all to Explore, ONE Can Not help run into this Porn and odd life styles that should be Kept Private..............!

ipernity should be Ashamed !!!!!!!!!!!!!.........

Yours truly, CeeCee
Good Clean Lady