Hi Everyone!

Lots of new changes on Ipernity. I agree I also do not like most of them.

I have noticed many here do not know how to display a photo album that you wish here on Ipernity. We CAN still display any photo album that we want on your home page. Follow these few easy steps and you can have the album you wished displayed on your home page. It is fast and easy to do.

For the album to appear on your home page it must have at least 5 photos in the album.

1. At the top of your site you will see "ORGANIZE". Click on it.

2. You will see your pictures and other options available to you. Look to the left and you will see "ALBUMS". Click on it.

3. You will see all of your albums. Get the album you want to show on your home page. Move it to the very beginning of the album list. Move it to the very left first ablum.

It will now be the album that will be displayed on your home page. You can change it any time you want. Simply just rearrange the albums in your list.

You can change the settings for viewing, down loading, copyright, etc to your photos and other documents also just as before. There are many places to do this. You can also do each picture individually if you wish.

Best wishes to everyone!!

Kalena Reyna