Hi everyone!

Nice to see you and thank you for stopping by. I have been playing with GIF images here for a while, but not put any out yet for you to see. Promise to at a later date.

I have helped some of you with this already. More are interested so here is the help blog.

It is fast and easy to show your GIF images in your gallery here on Ipernity with the movement. And for us all to see!! Just follow these easy steps then we all can enjoy your wonderful GIF images. I know this will get many more of you playing with GIF's also. I can't wait to see them!!

(Make sure it is saved in GIF format. Not JPG, PNG, etc. It will not have the movement you want even if you made a GIF. Some computers do it automatically and some give you the choice what format to save images.)

1. Upload your GIF image to Ipernity as you usually do for a picture. (It WILL NOT have movement yet.)

2. Go to the VIEW ALL SIZES above the image. (The magnifying glass image)

3. Click on the VIEW ALL SIZES.

4. Copy the HTML code just as you would to embed the picture anywhere.

5. Take the HTML code and place it in the DESCRIPTION BOX below the GIF image you just uploaded. (Write in a description of your art also if you wish. Hit the SAVE. NOW it MOVES for us all to see!! Your work of art in action!!

6. You can also your GIF image in the comments section below it. Just in case you do not want to display it in the Description Box for some reason.

7. You can share it in comments on Ipernity and other sites where GIFs are allowed and will animate on these sites also.

8. If you DO NOT want to allow embedding to others turn this feature OFF after you embed on your site to show us all how it looks in action. Then we can see your lovely GIF in action, but not take it with us.

I hope this helps. Be looking forward to seeing ALL the new GIF images I think will be EXPLODING into action ALL over Ipernity after this blog and news spreads around. Haahah

Enjoy and have lots of fun!!

Kalena Reyna