Hi folks and fans of the great Terry Pratchett, listen to this:

I was just watching the great Tv-adaption of "hogfather", when I did some research on the director at imdb.com, and guess what came up: the next discworld-production is already in the pipeline!

And this, my friends, will be "the color of magic", starring tim curry, sean astin (as twoflower :)
the voice talent of christopher lee (as DEATH) and... "david jason" as rincewind.

david jason? well... in case you've seen "hogfather" (if not, go see it!), he plays the butler of DEATH, albert.

Damn.. this is like a dream come true, friends *whiping a theatrical tear off my cheek*

I must admit, that obviously the humor in all its excellence and subtlety can't be translated into film (as most of the "jokes" need to evolve in your head), but by looking at the production level and the fabulous casting of "hogfather" which create just the right "discworld-feel", we've got a great movie looking forward to!

And I'm very critical when it comes to movie-adaptions...especially when it comes to pratchett.

for further info, use this link: www.imdb.com/title/tt1079959