Another year has past, and more silver hair is appearing on the head of Officer Philly Guy. Time waits for no one.

I am delighted to report that I do feel fine, enjoy good health, and find life fulfilling and satisfying. Retiring the uniform will not take place for another few years.

The restoration of Philly Guy Manor is a never ending project: things are always breaking down in this 120 year old habitation. Don't let anyone tell you that just because a house was built in the 19th Century it was built well, although the materials were superior.

A salacious bit of gossip: although no longer as young and randy as he once was, a couple of shocking propositions were made to Officer Philly whilst he was on duty and in uniform! In one instance, a distinguished visiting law professor who was a guest lecturer contrived a way to engage naive Officer Philly just as he was getting off duty and in a friendly manner and plied him with alcoholic drinks at a pub across the street from the Law School. The lecturer, a married man, father, and known in American jurisprudence (and who is about the same age as Officer Philly) offered to perform the most indecent services to your favorite "Kampus Kop." It's all about the uniform, badge, utility belt, and other accoutrements. In plain clothes, Officer Philly rarely gets such lascivious offers.