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    - 2 weeks ago - 5 comments
    For those who are interested, I have three blogs in which I post a lot more pictures than I post here. If you are interested, please have a look. The first blog highlights the tropical orchids I grow: orchidsinbloom-ron.blogspot.com/ I am no longer posting on this blog since I am no longer growing tropical orchids. My retirement and our move to Spokane, Washington, as well as our desire to do more traveling have put an end to that phase of our loves. I have left the blog in place, ho…

  • Growing Orchids Under Lights

    - August 15, 2017 - 5 comments
    Wardian Case for Orchids
    I have been growing orchids for nearly 35 years, longer than I've been hunting and photographing native orchids. I've grown them outdoors, in a small greenhouse and on windowsills, but mostly in a homemade wardian case or orchidarium. I've had two of these cases, the first built many years ago when we moved to Houston, to protect my collection of cool-temperature miniatures. The present case was built three or four years ago and was recently rebuilt with some changes and additional height and…

  • Hunting Native Orchids

    - August 14, 2017
    Field Crescent on White Bog Orchis
    I've grown tropical orchids for many years, mostly cool-growing miniature orchids, but in recent years have become interested in native orchids as well. We live in western Washington State and have in the state a total of 42 native orchids including varieties. Most of these we have seen including some that are rare and hard to find. Since we are also avid hikers and backpackers, our love for native orchids has become another facet of our love for the outdoors and fits well with our interest i…

  • Back in Circulation (I Hope)

    - August 14, 2017 - 41 comments
    I haven't been around for almost three months and several of you have asked whether I'm okay and whether I'm still active on Ipernity. Here's what's been happening. Back on March 22 I went in to emergency at the local hospital with what I thought and the doctors first thought was appendicitis. An abdominal drain was put in to drain off the expected infection with an appendectomy scheduled several weeks later. The abdominal drain, however, produced no signs of infection but rather a kind of…