There are many people just read a few articles about Esperanto and they can go on argue with all the silly reasons of Esperanto.

A Malaysian who said he dislike Esperanto because Esperanto has the super sign on the letter. Why this silly Malaysia never go to research about the Malay textbook of his grandfather.

The e for Malay in the 60s had the super sign on the e for one sound and the e without super sign is another sound. But the silly government changed the spelling system which created by the British to Indonesian way of spelling, the /sh/ becomes /sy/ in Dutch sound. Malaysia was not colonised by Dutch, only one state, that is Melaka was colonised by Dutch. How difficult to pronounce the words especially the non Malays who do not speak Malay and listen to the language daily at home.

The word Pĕrlis is spelt with the e super sign ĕ but Perak as it sounds in a different sound, thus there is no super sign on the e.

Now, you can see how easy to differential the two sound system unlike the current system.

The young Malaysian should also not learn French, Spanish as well as Portuguese. If he is borne in the above mentioned nations, I think he would commit suicide the moment he met the world.

This is how silly these people, just find one or two articles which talk bad about Esperanto and begin to argue senselessly with people who has better knowledge of language.

I would like to advise those who are against Esperanto, a language recommended by UNESCO, please do more research on Esperanto before wasting time in arguing about Esperanto is a bad language.

Be wise, the UNESCO is NOT a place all the fools are dwelled.