Ya, the Wikipedia glares with the data, but, don't trust those data, of course, Wikipedia also mentioned, they don't responsible for the data. Everyone can edit the data as long as you have the account in the Wikipedia.

Now, use your head to count but no your toes,

Is South Africa considered as an English speaking country ?

Many people only ‘hot’ in the mind with the word English and via generations teaching at home, English is vital and many silly heads in the commercial firms also stressed English is important. Are all investors, in Malaysia, for example, coming from the English speaking countries ? Aren't they also from Korea, Japan, China etc ? Why impose English as the category for employing the staff ? Please read here for more. Loyarburok
Now, come back to South Africa, there are 11 official languages in that country. Therefore, if you consider that country as an English speaking country, your head needs a little repair, perhaps, Esperanto can help you to see things better.

If you list all the countries in the world which made English as the second language or first language, it did not mean the country is an English speaking country. I take the example from my neighbour, the Philippines , English and Tagalog is the first language, certainly, they are so poor because they have to inject a lot of resources in the teaching of both languages as first language. On the other hand, look at Singapore, the national language is Malay but English is first language but other languages are second language. LEE Kuan Yew certainly is smarter than Marcos.

Go to the Philippines and take a look, which language the local people command better, English or Tagalog?

The scholars need the data for the articles, I was a scholar too, I knew how fake the data was but still used it as the rules, of course, silly rules in the scholar circles need that to protect their work.

If you put in a little time and analysis the data in the world, you can see that, not even a 100 million people solely using English language daily in their lives.

Wake up, when you talk about Esperanto has few speakers, please do look at the data of English speakers critically too. It is the silly head of the state put English as the main emphasis but neglect the true fact. If the Hollywood movies have no subtitles and dubbing into the local languages, can the Hollywood movies sell in the world ?

The number of Esperanto speakers is greater than Iceland, certainly more than Singaporeans, I meant, the local borne but not including the migrants. Of course, the Esperanto speakers are more than the Indians and perhaps Chinese in Malaysia. The minority indigenous people,certainly, Esperanto speakers are more than them.

Therefore, you don't see the Esperanto speakers in large amount because Esperanto is the second language of each family. It helps to build the brain better of the future generations and save more cost in education too.