They still made many accusations of Esperanto. How silly these people are,especially those called themselves linguists.

You may try to slow down the process of Esperanto admitting into the United Nations as an official language. But you cannot be succeeded.

If you are wise enough to know the old saying, 'if you cannot beat them, join them.

Learning Esperanto requires 200 hours as far as the Asian context. At the same time, I wish to tell the Europeans, don't worry about the Asian languages are not in the Esperanto. What is the different of learning English, a imperialist language, which has no Asian languages in it, the hardest to learn European language, and Esperanto which can save lots of money and good for the brain development of the children.

Therefore, the conclusion is don't try to waste your time to write articles which are going to be backfire on you.

Be wise, support Esperanto to be international language.