English native speakers would be left 300 millions by 2020. Why we in ASEAN, the 600 millions, should speak the minority language?

The 600 million people in ASEAN, of which about 250 million people speak Malay. There are four countries which listed Malay as the national language, why we should use English language as the community language ?

Please bear in mind the representatives to the ASEAN Community board, it is the internet age. A click of the mouse, we know what it is happening in the meeting room, unless you are not going to be democracy, broadcast it like the United Nations web TV, we cannot watch you in action, but we still can know from the results and of course, you will be overturned or be sacked later. Why make your life and the life of the people so difficult ?

Yes, many people in ASEAN as if they are living in the cave, therefore these people from the ten ASEAN countries can do whatever they want.

Here, I urge the ASEAN people, demand for the live telecast of the meeting like the United Nations web TV. Malaysia has the multimedia corridor, they can do it for you.

Don't your think the representatives from the ASEAN countries are silly enough. Nope, of course, not all of them. Only those who are used by the western consultants are silly enough.

If other ASEAN Countries feel that using Malay as the community language is unfair to you, well, use Esperanto, the UNESCO recommended language.

Every one of us needs only 200 hours to learn Esperanto but we need more than 3200 hours to learn English. English is the most difficult European language.

Do it or wait for the people to sack you later.

Do you know English is the hardest language to read in all European languages ? If you do not ,read the report.