If you keep following the older politicians by thinking English is vital, you will fall soon.

The old politicians are afraid to change. They are not willing to learn new things. Their minds are set and poisoned by the school days that English is vital. Yes, it was, that was many decades ago before more and more colonised places by the British gaining independence.

Learning Esperanto, of course, you cannot match the mayor of Esperanto town in Germany, he took only 90 hours. It is because there is 30% of German language in Esperanto. But, taking another hundred hours would cost you more than learning English ? The most difficult language to learn in the world.

I would like to remind the young politicians, Esperanto project is a part of UNESCO, do you think it could be vanished by time or grown by time ? My experience with the Malaysia politicians are they are thinking English is there as their grandfather treasures, it would not be disappeared as they don't read much besides the dirty tactics to destroy the opponents. Fine, that is the parts and parcels of your political work but Esperanto will come as the international communication.

Are you ready ? Do you want to go with the flow and help your country to gain better economy and less Alzheimer patients ? Read on here.

Get ready to be changed if you are not willing to change now. The change process is painful if it is by force and perhaps, you will be taken over by others.

If you are wise and how the world change, you should begin to learn Esperanto now. There are so many free learning sites online. I have particular love for these two. One is online, and the other is download, you can try it in 12 weeks and sense the new you.