I don't use the word like the administers in the Face-book ASEAN community that they created their own new words which will be laughed at by the people in the world. These admins think that they are good at English, in fact, they are killing the imperialist language.

Look, the Esperantists in the world have done us a good job. They have created the websites for the world, of course including the ASEAN as well. There are Bahasa Melayu, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog in the lernu.net free learning site. The governments in the ASEAN countries, really do not need to worry about the learning sources and materials for the adults.

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Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, the national language is Malay. Here is the Malay site







The Fillippines




For Singaporeans who belittled their national language, Malay, they can use the English site


Of the ten countries in ASEAN, we already have seven countries that can learn Esperanto with ease.

Now, the Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar languages are waiting for the volunteers to help to translate the learning text into their respective national languages.

Have you read it ?


7 out of 10 ASEAN countries can learn Esperanto in 7 national languages.

In fact, it should be 8 countries as Lao is similar to Thai language just like Bahasa Indonesia is much like Bahasa Malaysia, they can inter comprehen more than 80%.

Therefore, it is 8 countries in ASEAN can learn Esperanto via internet easily without more teachers are required,


WHY we in ASEAN Community should use English as our communal language but not ESPERANTO ?

Please wake up, Esperanto can be learnt by everyone in the world in 200 hours. Other people are ready for the change, it is only the ASEAN Community is not ready for the change but the representatives are ready to be CHANGED.