Now take a look of the two pages here:

The Climate Change

The World Federation of United Nations Associations

The Climate Change from the UNESCO till the time I write this piece of article has only two languages, Russian and English.

The WFUNA has only single language, that is English.

How would the information be reached to the world population, especially the climate change knowledge. Russian is only spoken by one country and more than 75% of the people in the world do not speak a word of English by BBC.

Politicians, volunteers etc, now you should know why Esperantists are working hard to make Esperanto, a language which needs less than 200 hours to learn, to be the official language in the international bodies. This is how to shorten the time and avoid discrimination from the poor familites.

We can stand at equal position only when Esperanto is a part in the world bodies.

In fact, the UNESCO has urged the non governmental organisations to use Esperanto in its 1985 resolutions. How many NGOs respect that resolution ?

Don't talk how much you love the poor if you are not promoting the use of Esperanto.