Do you want to find a Malaysian Chinese who speak no Chinese language but English or Malay as the native language ?

These people are not into the linguistic area. They are trying to cause more confusion of the people. Please read the Language on the Move article, all languages are made. Esperantists know this long ago.

Esperanto is the second language for every home to communicate with the other tribes in your country. It is not going to replace the native tongue. If you are silly enough to get someone to tell you that there are Esperanto native speakers, those Esperantists are silly as they prefer to give up their mother tongue.

For the intermarriage, they want to be fair to each other and chose a neutral language to be the home language, it is their personal choice, they cannot be representing the world of Esperanto which has native speakers. They will in the end need to learn the local language, or nation language to go to schools.

Esperanto as the international language with economy reason, health reason and as many as you can name it.

Please wake up, don't argue and look for native speakers of Esperanto. It serves no meaning at all.

Esperanto is the second language in every home.