The representatives of this organisation are those who are not working in the hot sun. Perhaps, they think that these people have no right for the decision, which involves their choice of language for the region, may it for travelling, business, etc.

As a result, they decided, via the consultants from the English speaking countries like the Great Britain to choose the most difficult language from the European languages, English to torture the people of ASEAN.

If according to Jessie, hoped she knew the Little India riot in her homeland, Singapore and also the Indonesian maid who hang herself after 3 times of Singapore English test but still failed to get a pass.

Jessie, you suggested with lots of intangible data and can the Singapore government return a mother and wife to the child and husband of that Indonesian maid ?

No one bring up this issue. Perhaps, they blamed the mother who did not have the strong will to face the challenge. She came from a village and the family are unable to pay for the lawyers represent her in the international court for the compensation.

Robert ,do you want the Filipinos working all the time of their life as maids and out of their beloved country ? Why not Singaporeans work as maids out of the country ? Why not the British from your country work as maids in Singapore ?

English kills not only one but many as long as you search the website. I did not like to provide further evidences as I wrote sufficient for this topic and I did not even want to mention the name of the Indonesian maid. I want to give her some respects.

It is the linguistic unfairness to the people caused by the politicians from the drawing boardroom.

Learning Esperanto requires 200 hours but learning English requires 3200 hours. Learning Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia are the same, 900 hours.

Read here:

Cambridge ESOL said that each level is reached with the following guided learning hours:
A2, 180–200;
B1, 350–400;
B2, 500–600;
C1, 700–800, and
C2, 1,000–1,200.

Total:3,200 hours

With the data above, which is more economical ?

UNESCO has recommended Esperanto since 1954. All member countries of UNESCO especially should know well of Esperanto as Universal Esperanto Association is one of the consultation bodies. If the representative from the TEN ASEAN countries tell you never heard of Esperanto, s/he must be not attending the meeting. Watch the youtube of the meeting where representative of the Universal Esperanto Association were delivering the speech.

Now, why we in ASEAN should use the TOEIC to test the language ability ? Why we, in ASEAN are not using the KER Esperanto certificate to decide the proficiency of Esperanto. Can TOEIC exam fee cheaper than KER Esperanto subject ? There is a KER Esperanto testing center in Malaysia and ASEAN countries have many Esperanto users including the Esperanto tourism in Cambodia. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation accepted the Manifesto of Manila 1980.

Please do not burden the poor to learn the high cost language, English. This imperialist language is meant for the rich families. ASEAN countries which has only one country is developed country, that is Singapore.

Can we have the choice to decide for the community instead of giving the full authority to the people who are not representing us, even from my country,Malaysia.

Or should the people in ASEAN do a petition on this issue if the representatives are not willing to listen to the people.

Esperanto is not only cost effective learning language, it brings in other benefits for the brain development of the children and reduce the dementia problem at the old age. This again will not only save all the governments the great medical fees but also the pains of the love ones of the dementia patients.

The research did long ago already confirmed that Esperanto can bring in 3-fold benefits. It is just due to most of the countries in ASEAN were colonised by the Europeans and the people think that English or French is the best language.

I think Indonesia government has better consultants than Singapore and they halted teaching English in the primary schools. Instead, they listed Esperanto as a subject for the young diplomats.

The Esperanto trade started in the 80s and it is moving forward faster than anyone thinks.

The regular readers of this blog would have know very well of the benefits of Esperanto. The BBC reported that 75% of the people in the world do not speak a word of English and by 2020, the native English speakers will be only 300 millions or less. Half a century down the road, the English will turn into Panglish. Haven't you read the book authored by Dr Ostler ?

Of course, the Yahoo also consented the report of Loyarburok about the aircrash tragedy. Do you know that my dear representatives of the government ? You are frequent air travellers. Esperanto is the best air traffic language.

I urge the people of ASEAN to follow the ASEAN Community Facebook page or twitter or other social media to communicate with the people involved either in your country or the board members.

I also urged all the Esperanto supporters in ASEAN to pay more attention in this issue. If situation needed us to voice out strongly, let us do it for the benefits of our future generations.

For links and short film, read here