Hope this is not considered "cold", weird sure! but not "cold". Since i cannot

communicate directly i post in the next best place as to present day communications,

the webnet, for those mentioned or people who might pass it on or the public. JJ was

in a car accident some time ago. Now i have no diagnoses ability nor am or play a

Dr. on TV so the following is just well intentioned words that might or not help. i

state the brain uses connections i call "Lightgates", since1970 but IBM copy wrote

the word in 2000?. Comparing what i call "Lighhtgates" to physics / math they are

like "and","nor","or" gates - etc. From 1990 - 96 i sent TWCh thousands of pages

which had everything from scientific clues to fashion ideas which could ONLY be

understood if one referenced my "MRX dictionary". ONLY 2 1/2 were create, all

hand written one sent to LANDMARK communications in dec1989 / jan1990. If

one uses not the "MRX dictionary", the pages i sent anyone including TWCh will

look / read like mumbo jumbo, that even i would throw away. Now JJ needs several

things done to see IF the brain will heal itself. Here just one thing BUT as with

anything in dealing with a complex animal (my scientific term for human beings)

when one restores the whole brain one restores even the negatives at a faster than


OR ADDICTIONS JUST using the "generic" human as an example which tends to

have some vices / addictions. Now in restoring the WHOLE BRAIN one will also

restore constructive & destructive habits. The destructive are also called

vices / addictions be it sugar addictions, drugs & alcohol addictions or being late

to appointments. And restore these negatives faster than those habits became

addictions. i.e. if it took 1 year to become addicted to cigarettes in doing what i

am about to state as to woods & metals one will become addicted in a month, so

imagine the anger or negative outbursts that during a "regular" addictions cycle

which occurred over a year to build up, now builds up in just a month. Like getting

upset when not finding the keys when the keys are in your pocket. But, the

addictions cravings doesn't let one think normally so one doesn't look carefully

in ones pockets, and thinks the world is against them. So if JJ or anyone tries this

1st step PLEASE be warned if it works ones destructive habits comes along with

regaining a normal brain Lightgate pattern, so be understanding of that persons needs.

Its so simple but look around the entire enclosed area of a home/apt from the

outermost walls inward see image1 (URL key to images below) [don't read my

blog at Ipernity unless you are opened minded really way out stuff there] Now

for any exposed pipes make sure no "naked wood" meaning un

painted / unvarnished wood or wood byproducts / cardboard / thick artistic

paper are in the metal pipe's parallel to the HOMES North, East, West, South

view. see image2 (URL key to images below)

.Why is this unhealthy?

When floating energies as electrical buzz or static enters a structure built on a

90 degrees pattern, image3 (URL key to images below) as homes are built so

they can be sturdy, those energies look for least resistance paths, one naturally

preferred paths are metals. Now as that / those energies spiral around ROUND

pipes see image 5 (the red represent the metal pole / pipe, cyan the spiral arms

of energy, URL key to images below) the energies puts out spiral arms of energy

that bathe the painted walls / wallpaper whatever is coating the home's walls.

Well if one blocks those spiraling arms of energy heading towards ground with

naked wood, guess what, those energies look for another path of least resistance

that is grounded. 2nd Guess what / in homes those are?, the tallest animals usually

humans as animal bodies are naturally grounded, humans in 2 more ways than less

complex animals, that i've post on the webnet since 1998. So that negative energy

that was going to ground via ones grounded pipes towards ones walls through

spiraling arms now cause "naked wood" is blocking those arms is now entering your

"crown" and existing your "sole" IF YOUR ENERGY PATTERNs are FLOWING

CORRECTLY. (CLUE those shoe inserts from the Pacific Rim i.e. China / Japan that

clean toxic well those toxins is in part, IN PART caused / suspended by this electrical hum)

The trick is to FIRST find all "naked wood" DO NOT MOVE OR EVEN TOUCH,

taken an entire week to draw up a map where its located. NOW its best to remove

these "naked woods" over a longer period of time so the addiction[s] do not come

back too quickly causing severe depression or anxieties. By longer period i mean if

one could toss out all naked woods in 3 days NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! do it over a month,

minimum 3 months is best yet that means brain improvement takes longer but as the

'ol saying goes, good things take time.

Once you've listed all "naked woods" figure out if some of the "naked wood" is needed.

1st throw away old cardboard boxes that are just lying around, if its a box that one is

saving as for moving a TV or saving the box till the warranty period expires, place

it either outside of the homes most outward walls see image1

(URL key to images below) if one has a garage, whose outer walls DO NOT touch

the HOMES walls, meaning their is a free air space between both, OK then place in

garage (as long as no one or pet lives there) or if in Apt and can't afford a storage

complex, place boxes, thick papers as artistic paper in a THICK plastic, vinyl

(NOT RUBBER) and wrap well or better in a plastic storage container that has a

good sealed cover, make sure neither is broken or has openings.

Rubber depending on its cut and against certainmetals will worsen the blocked

spirals, thougha kind of good affect is that it kills germs will not explain the

rubber affect further.

Next if one has furniture that is of a "naked wood", varnish or shellac it with at

least 2 coatings, do it outside or open windows if in Apt. and understand that till

that varnish dries the "static spiral arms" will be stopped even more so ~5 till 7

days will pass till every nuk & cranny of sealant dries then one will feel the

addictions kicking in.

If its a "naked wood" that for whatever reason cannot be thrown away or coated

(as picture frame backing stuck to painting or refrigerator cheap backing ) then

make sure its clear taped as to where the CLEAR tape surpasses the cardboards

edges & then if possible not placed back in a the N,E,W,S line of view to any

metal pipe. This way the spiral arms will compare which has a less resistance;

the taped or sealed wood, "U" or a straight line of view and the latter wins out

ever so slightly so the spiral arms of energy then uses the walls connecting angles

to go towards ground.

Now if you got this far even if one thinks i'm crazy do you think i have the time

to waste to write to unknown / uncaring / ungrateful people be that JJ or wxretro

readers or webnetters? i do this cause i have unconditional luv for my fellow man

ASK ONLY that one help others.One might ask a couple of Qs


2q] Can this lead to Alzheimer NOT an accident but the energy spirals being blocked.


1Ans- History will decide as, wxretro who? just as with Tesla who did much

MORE but much was taken by private & gov't lawyers.

2Ans- a good percentage of Alzheimer is influenced earlier in age from this

affect and certain intakes

image1 at: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/140862/9087364/sizes/o

image2 at: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/140862/9087365/sizes/o

image3 at: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/140862/9087366/sizes/o

image5 at: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/140862/9087367/sizes/o