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  • Photos of Asker Garip through the years

    - 2 years ago - 2 comments
    On 15 January 2020, he will be 8 years old. Here are some photos of him over the years.

  • Ipernity Members' Association

    - March 16, 2017 - 2 comments
    I just checked the statistics on giving toward saving Ipernity. After about two days, 43% of the goal has been reached. But the small number of donors is disturbing. Only 176 people have given anything. I know there are a lot more members of Ipernity than this. If each member gave just a tiny amount toward this goal, $25000 would be reached very quickly. It could be an amount you would never notice, like the price of a cup of coffee or the cost of the gasoline to drive to your favorite photograp…